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Flexible Terms with 12 Month Loans

The 12 month loans are the most preferred choice of people in UK. The long repayment period keeps the borrower stress free because of low monthly installment that can be managed easily without fail. We at OS Money offer wide range of 12 months loan tailored to your specific needs

12 Months Payday Loan

The 12 months payday loan is the best-fit solution for the employed people in the UK. The installments are scheduled as per your payday; so, you can repay the loan amount in easy 12 month installments. The installment amount is decided on the basis of salary, other debts you owe and your monthly expenses. The 12 month payday loan is good option even for the people waiting for the appointment letter or for the people passing through switching over period.

12 Month Loans No Credit Check

These 12 Month loans are designed for the people having poor credit score. The numbers of people hesitate to contact the financial agencies or direct lenders just because of having poor credit score. True, the credit score is an important credibility deciding factor but certainly, it is not a barrier to refrain you from further borrowing. We offer personal 12 month loans with no credit check from direct lender in the UK to help you meet out unexpected expenses.

12 Month Loans with Bad Credit History

No matter if you already have bad credit history because we know you never wanted it to be. We understand the circumstances that create bad credit record. When all the high street banks deny your application just by checking credit record, we offer the tailor made financial help. Your online application for the 12 month loan for bad credit with no guarantor does not affect your credit score. The loan amount can be used for improving the credit history also by paying the existing debts or consolidating all the debts.

12 Month Loans with No Guarantor

12 months loan are designed for the people in deep financial turbulence because of any reasons. Although you pay comparatively little extra to avail the quick benefit but taking 12 month loans with no guarantor and bad credit from direct lender is the only solution when all the alternative sources deny your application. The 12 months repayment period gives you enough time arrange the funds or to improve your income.

How to Leverage the Benefits:

The standard more in demand 12 months loans are 500-pound loan, £1000 loans, 2000 pounds loan etc; however, we never force our client to borrow extra than they need. Just share your personal details and the requirements online; our financial experts will design the best offer. Before applying for the 12 months loans, fix the following parameters yourself -

  • Secured or unsecured
  • Guarantor or no guarantor
  • Minimum amount you need
  • Importance of purpose
  • Repayment capability
  • Income stability

We are committed to help the largest community by lending at least price. As being the Govt. regulated foremost 12 month loans direct lender in the UK, we do not charge quotation, credit check, upfront or processing fees. Our online financial consultants give you a transparent no- obligation quote. We always encourage our customers to ask until 100% satisfaction of borrowing from the genuine direct lender.

We believe in transparency to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.