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About OSMoney

OSMoney, an online direct lender, feels proud to reckon itself as the responsible lending place where one can easily shop for the LOAN DEALS LIKE NO OTHER. Since its establishment, our main aim has been to keep borrowers’ financial welfare at the top of our mandatory list. And to fulfil that purpose, we have brought up the concept of flexible lending. Any individual with any credit record is our pre-qualified borrower, as we are flexible in terms of eligibility conditions too.
"You may have questions like":

"Want a solution to your multiple debts?"
"Are you struggling with bad credit menace?"

You get the answers here for all your questions. All the loan deals are embellished with borrower-friendly features like duration from 6 months to 5 years, and the amount from £1000 to £25000. Your financial problems will be just for a temporary period because our loan deals are meant for QUICK and QUALITY funding. Whether you want to merge all your debts or want pounds into your account for rudimentary needs, you can trust our deals anywhere and anytime.

Responsible lending can only succeed where the borrowers’ interests are fulfilled. OSMoney follows the same philosophy while framing its customer-friendly personal loan offers.

No barriers of bad credit or unemployment, and in fact, you get the assistance even if you do not have a guarantor. We just need your sincerity because we have the space for your financial interests.

1. Complete focus on Transparency
2. Borrower-centric approach
3. Dedicated Lending Culture

That’s it...You can easily expect these from us. If you are here only for us, then we are always here only for you.

OSMoney is not just a lending place like others. It is the hub where financial aspirations meet with complete fulfilment. Just continue borrowing from us...

Our Services

6 Month Loans

Are you looking for a quick loan to be repaid over 6 months? Are you worried for the cost of loan?

6 Month Loans  

12 Month Loans

The 12-month loans are the most preferred choice of people in UK. The long repayment period keeps...

12 Month Loans  

5000 Pound Loans

Are you looking for a big amount loan for longer period to ease down the repayment installment?

5000 Pound Loans  

Rules of Lending That Drive Us

OSMoney presents itself a financial marketplace where all the financially depressed people can seek a gleam of hope. Since our inception, we have been driving on certain principles through which we have been able to set new benchmarks in a short span of time.

Our principles run on the concept of ‘B-E-S-T’, which can be defined as:

  • B - Borrowing with Freedom
  • E - Easy Lending Process
  • S - Speedy Financial Assistance
  • T - Timely Fund Disbursal

We are committed to our words because we aim to become the best in the age of FinTech Lending.

Follow These Conditions & Qualify As A Borrower:-

Our presence is all over the UK and thus everyone can avail the effective loan deals provided here. You just need to fulfil these simple eligibility criteria to become our potential borrower:

  • You must be above 18 years of old
  • You should have permanent residence in the UK
  • Possess a valid bank account that can accept direct fund transfer
  • Income Status of previous and current job

Why You Need Us?

‘First-In-Class Loan Deals’ Is it enough to consider us while seeking for the loan? Of course, yes.

The days of financial emergency may not get over, but the time of your financial constancy has started now. OSMoney is the hub of ETHICAL, EFFORTLESS and EFFECTIVE lending methods. From debt consolidation loans to 12 month loans, we have different plans from others and each of the loans is affordable to avail. You can easily explore our website and qualify for the benefits like no upfront or hidden charges and no complicated steps to apply for loans. And, don't forget, you get an instant decision once your application is stamped with approval.