Apply for 6 Month loans

What are 6 Month Loans?

You look for food when you starve; you go on a trip when you feel bored stiff. What do you do when you face financial discomfort? You turn to friends and direct lenders for financial help. Short-term loans heighten your stress because of the pressure of settling the whole debt at once. During cash shortfall, you want to access a loan quickly at flexible repayment terms, but most of the small loans come for maximum one month. This is when 6 month loans come into play. It is a short-term loan taken out for a period of six months, allowing you to repay the debt within six equal instalments. OS Money will help you get these loans without any fuss.

  • How Much You Can Borrow

    The amount of borrowings may vary from £1000 to £5,000. The lender will evaluate your repayment capacity after musing over your income statement before deciding the disbursal limit. Self-employed people are also welcome.

  • Why Do You Need These Loans?
    You can apply for these loans whenever you come across financial emergency. Whether you need money for paying off credit card bills or you need funds for your tuition fees, we will transfer funds to your account as immediately as possible.

  • How is the Repayment Done?
    You will reimburse the loan within six equal instalments. Each instalment will go toward both the principle and the interest. You will pay off each instalment as you receive your salary.
6 Month Loans

6 Month Loans from Direct Lenders

Getting a loan for the longer period may be a nightmare if you are applying for small amount. Most of direct lenders hesitate for lending the small amounts for 6 months like slightly long duration because of their commercial interests. However, we are committed to serve the widest community by providing instant decision loans for six months. Our secured and unsecured loans over 6 months are tailored to set fit to your particular needs without exerting any pressure.

What does make us class apart among the hundreds of direct lenders in the UK? Our client’s centric approach and unique support model make us different; our highly qualified and experienced financing experts design the best in class innovative loan products for everyone.

6 Month Loans for People with Bad Credit Score

Just having a bad credit score closes the doors of most of the financial institutions that never go into the reasons for it. As being the leading direct lending agency, conceptualised by the financial experts with hands on experience in financing, OS Money emphasises on the ease in getting financial help even with bad credit score. The wide range of 6 months loans is ever expanding; therefore, our loan products are not limited to just one concept.

Our 6 months loan calculator helps you know the total cost you will pay until the last. We advise you to confirm the total cost before agreeing to the terms. Our experts help you to make the 6 month loans for bad credit score affordable by smart tricks. Do you need to hire a broker? As being the trendsetter for direct lending in the UK, we help you from start to finish and eliminating any need to involve 3rd party assistance; and the cost saving goes to you.

How soon can you get the cash transfer? We do not believe in keeping our customers guessing the possibilities over the days. We have a dedicated team of financing experts to decide the status instantly; in most of cases, applicants are informed within an hour. Cash transfers are made by the next business day. Going a step ahead, we offer doorstep cash delivery also in case of loan amount is small.

6 Month Payday Loans - How they Differ from Others

OS Money strives hard to provide you with the best solution that suits your personal needs. You will get funds based on your affordability and repayment capacity so that you do not fall in a permanent cycle of debt. Bad credit 6 month payday loans come with no credit check, no collateral and no guarantor. Make sure that you will be able to repay the debt on time; otherwise you will find yourself incurring late payment charges. However, our easy repayment term does help you to pay off the entire amount without any hassle. Whether your credit history is good or bad, just apply for 6 month loans here to finance your unexpected expenditure.

Here is the clear difference between these loans to other payday loans, offered at the marketplace:

  6 Month Payday Loans Standard Payday Loans
Repayment Period You will pay back the loan over a period of six months. The maximum duration for these loans is up to 14 days.
Amortising Each instalment goes toward the principle and the interest. You will pay off whole of the debt at once.
Affordability Interest rates are lower than standard payday loans. These loans are extremely expensive.
Easy to manage You can make a budget to make repayments easily. Lump sum repayment can take a toll on your finances.
Build credit score If you remain consistent with your repayments, your credit score will go up. The term of these loans is very short that the lender gets no clear idea about your financial credibility.
Predatory cycle You will not fall into a permanent cycle of debt as you can easily manage your debt. You are likely to fall in a vicious circle of debt because of outrageously high interest rates.

Are Unsecured Loans Available for 6 Months?

Loans for 6 months duration are unsecured which means you do not have to put a security, which may be your home or car, against the loan. All long-term loans for more than a period of one year require you to arrange collateral. Security allows you to avail the loan at lower interest rates but you may lose your property if you make a default. Some direct lenders provide instalment loans such as 12 month loans only when you arrange a guarantor and if your credit history is poor, but OS Money provides 6 month payday loans based on your affordability. You have to arrange neither guarantor nor collateral. There is no risk of repossession if you fall behind repayments. The lender will charge you late payment fees only.

Advantages of 6 Month Loans

Financial problems are uncertain and the need of applying for the loan becomes obvious. Os Money is one such place where you feel fortunate to apply for these small term loans. Here are their advantages:

  • You can apply for these loans in case of any emergency.
  • They are cheaper than other short-term loans.
  • These loans are ideal to build your credit score provided you do not make defaults.
  • They come with amortising facility.
  • You can apply for these loans even if your credit history is bad.
  • You do not need to arrange collateral and guarantor.
  • You will get competitive interest rates as compared to other lenders.
  • You will not incur upfront fees and additional charges.

Whether your credit history is good or bad, just apply for 6 month loans here to finance your unexpected expenditure.