You may accept us as your lender, but we want to be your best financial ally.

OSMoney (OSM) works with a pure dedication to help the Britons in their insipid financial life. Exceptional loan products with experienced lending, borrowers cannot ask for more than this and we vouch that each one of them will get the desired assistance without any second thought.

If you want to avail our infallible lending service, take a few minutes of your busy schedule and just go through how the loan process works at OSM.

1. Qualify for Loans (Eligibility)

You will be the qualified borrower, if you are:

  • above the 18 years old
  • the resident of the UK
  • a salaried individual (including self-employment)
  • holding an active bank account

(People with bad credit score are also eligible to avail the loan services here).

2. Send Application

Once you qualify for loans, your next step is to send the application while sitting at your home and following the procedure mentioned below:

  • Fill out an online application form on our website
  • Type all the mandatory personal details, particularly of your bank account and income status
  • Mention the amount to borrow (from £500 to £25000)
  • Submit your application to get an early reply

3. Fund Disbursal

Os Moneys makes sure that you get the instant decision on the loan approval. In fact, you do not have to wait for days or weeks, instead you get the decision within hours or even minutes. The maximum time of fund disbursal will be 15 minutes. Don’t feel surprised!

4. Repayment Term

We provide loans on the flexible repayment terms or depending upon the amount that the borrowers have availed. However, you can make the repayments in two modes:

  • On your own by using the debit card on or before the due date; and
  • By choosing the option of automatic withdrawal from your bank account on the due date, (this will neglect the chance of missing repayments).

This all sums up how our loan process works. And, there should be no doubt that OSM is the PANACEA for all your financial issues.